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At SargeCo, LLC, we redefine the standards of home remodeling services in Clarkston, MI. We believe in delivering top-notch quality and take immense pride in each project we undertake. Our approach is not just about achieving a remarkable finished product but also about enhancing the entire process. Our team of skilled flooring contractors and carpentry experts strives to exceed client expectations, ensuring satisfaction with every project. With nine years of experience under our belt, trust SargeCo for your next home renovation venture.

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Home remodeling is an art that transcends simple changes. It’s about transforming your space to reflect your unique style and needs. We understand your vision for your new space, both in aesthetics and functionality. Our team, with its extensive experience in deck renovations, carpentry services, and flooring solutions, is committed to making your Clarkston home the best it can be.

Looking to rejuvenate your home with a touch of elegance and functionality? SargeCo, LLC is your go-to destination for comprehensive home addition services and home remodeling contractors. Our expertise spans across various domains, including masonry, deck building, and more. Ready to embark on your home transformation journey? Don’t delay! Reach out to our seasoned professionals for free estimates and exclusive discounts available for veterans and seniors.